Remove brave VPN button or move it below the new tab button

The new tab button has always been at the top now with the last update the brave VPN button is at the top since I’ve been using the browser for so long I’m just used to clicking the top button is there a way to remove or move the brave VPN button

I’m using Android 11 on a OnePlus Nord n200 5g

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Thank you for this feedback. We are looking into addressing this issue in a manner that is helpful both for folks that need to be able to quickly access turning on and off the VPN as well as those who choose not to use the service. We understand the positioning has caused issues with muscle memory for users and are working on a resolution.

Please stay tuned as there might be some helpful changes coming in a later update.

+1, please have an option to disable the VPN option. I already have and pay for a VPN, I don’t need Brave pushing their own VPN on me.

Hi! Thank you for this feedback. This is already being addressed in an upcoming update asap. Please stay tuned!

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