Remove all verified Brave Rewards wallet which are linked to an bitflyer account


Last week after restore my windows PC due to some OS issues, I wasn’t able to start my Brave browser and due to this, I need to uninstall it and re-install it.

But after re-installing it, I wasn’t able to verify my bitflyer account due to error “Device limit reached / your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached maximum verified device limit”. I have several PCs that I’m using before and all of those are using Brave and linked to my bitflyer account. But I already sold those PCs and uninstall everything. I really don’t know how to unlink my bitflyer to those PCs so I just uninstall everything and sell it.

Now my question or request is, can you remove all the wallets linked to my bitflyer account so that I can linked the PC that I’m using now.

Here’s my account bitflyer account:

Thank you,

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