Remember Zoom level for websites

Remember Zoom level for websites

I’m having a problem with Brave. Not sure if this is supported, but some configuration is preventing it from working, or if it’s not a thing at all.

For example, I go to and set the zoom level to 150%

Why the next time I go to the zoom level is back to 100%?

Asking because for example, in Firefox the zoom level is kept for future visits.

The browser should remember this setting too. Is this happens on the same browsing session or after you restart Brave?

If the latter, did you, just in case, have any options enabled for “clear on exit”? Especially “Site and shields settings”.

Thanks you so much.

Yes that was the problem. I had “Site and shields settings” selected.
After disabling that option now when I restart the browser the zoom level is remembered.

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