Remember playback position of videos


Dear Brave devs and community,

the feature I would like to request this time I didn’t even know was a feature of my browser - I thought this was handled by the website.

When watching a long video on YouTube or Twitch I sometimes close the tab or the browser to continue watching later.
When revisiting the video, Chrome automatically adds the time where I left off to the URL (e.g. &t=5846s), so I may continue watching.
It is really difficult to find out yourself at what point of the video you were, so having your browser remember it for you is quite handy.

Thanks for considering my idea.


that would be near,

as a youtube user, i tend to look at the playback time FIRST before i leave the page, OR if i really want to watch it, later and cant remember the channel or video, i will goto FireFox where i have a video downloader and use that

its an extention i wish brave had right away… because i hate copy and paste into another browser just for the same reason you stated… plus there are some videos i like a lot that i may want to replay later long or not…