Remarkable how many 'Payout not received' messages posted to this forum

After not receiving the november ad rewards I checked this forum or ‘community’ page for the first time, and it amazed me how many reports there are about the november payouts not received. It does pose the question, does this product functions as promised or is it just not ready to fulfill promises to the customers? It does shake my confidence in this product and I am wondering if should continue to use this product?


In response to these events, I have ditched the creator program because I do not want to promote a product that is not ready yet and fails to meet expectations.


30 minutes later update: in the meanwhile I also removed the Brave browser app from my mobile.


Next update: Because the problem is still not resolved I have removed the news feed from the browser and also turned the promoted images off.


Update: Problem still not fixed, no BATS transferred to Gemini. Apparently they went up in smoke. :woman_shrugging:

Therefore the next step for me to take is to disable the daily ping to Brave servers (ment for estimating how many people use Brave). Maybe others should do the same? Brave isn’t a hobby project, it’s a company. And nice to promise compensation for viewing adds, but until now only Brave profits from me viewing adds and is not keeping up promises. Not to mention the loss of privacy during the registration for services like Gemini (Name, DOB, ID documents etc.). And maybe missing funds or failed transfers aren’t my biggest eye soar, it’s the utter absence of providing help to all those users complaining about the same problem. Truly disappointing. :disappointed:


mine not receive i link my uphold

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I havene’t seen any payment in my Uphold account even though all is verified and linked successfully. What is taking place? Is the payment for everyone? This does not seem fair at all.

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