Reload After Exiting The App

On some websites, there is stuff on there you are working on that isn’t saved. When you exit the app to do something else for a bit, when you go back, you do not have the SO MUCH work you have done. This is upsetting.

Expecting everything to be there, but it isn’t.

This is a problem that needs to be fixed.


IMHO, use a good text editor. In your case (Android), try:

I found that info, by stumbling upon (and reading all of):

Create and save your written work, using that text editor (if you like that app). And when you approve of your final work, then paste it into whatever is the appropriate field of a web page.

For Windows OS users, I suggest EditPad Lite / EditPad Pro

For Mac OS users, I suggest BBEdit

For Apple iOS users – I have yet to use:

  • iaWriter
  • 1Writer
  • Drafts
  • Textastic

Because I typically use the built-in Notes app.

This is not an issue with Brave. That’s caused by your device not having enough RAM to keep Brave open in the background.

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