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You really should invest in having a release note page on your website. I spent the last 5min looking for it and couldnt even find it. Very bad!


Hi @fanix!

Currently release note is available in github. If you want to see it, type about:brave in your URL bar > after the page is open, click Click here to see release note.

Hope that can help. :slight_smile:


No release notes:


Ah, are you using preview version @fanix? Usually, preview version is have no release note IIRC.
Release note only appears for release/stable version.

This one is from latest stable release 0.19.48


I’d agree. I thought the very same thing, and since the latest release I started to post release notes on this community.

If I’m not available, @sriram @LaurenWags @eljuno or @Jacalz will post them instead of me.


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Also @kamil will do, as he’s in charge of the release process.


Thanks for the heads up @suguru! I’ve added Add release notes into into our Release Process Checklist [1] process. From now on, whenever there’s a new release, the notes will be added into the community as well.

@fanix, as @eljuno mentioned above, we currently don’t add release notes for preview builds. Only stable builds that will be released to the public. Preview builds are meant to be used by QA to incrementally test features and fixes before we go to RC (Release Candidates) builds. Once we’re comfortable with a RC build, we’ll release that build to the public which will include release notes.

I agree that the release notes might be a bit hard to find if a user doesn’t check/use GitHub. I’ll see if we can get something added to our website to make it easier for users to find them.

One way that you can check the release notes is by simply going into about:brave and clicking on the link under “Release Notes”. Example:

07 PM

As always, really appreciate the suggestions!