Release notes for beta channel?


A good deal of searching here on brave community has not produced an answer so I thought I would ask. Is there a place where releases on beta channel are summarized?


Sorry, but we do not compile the notes for beta nor for dev. We have the release notes for the release channel only.

But since Brave is open source, you can check the commit history:

Hope that helps!


@btlechowski is right. This is an open-source project. You have direct access to see all development activity. Unlike Chrome where you don’t really get any kind of insight into what features are there or not.

I just checked out the Github page that was linked and if you click on the ellipsis icon then the merge expands so you can see exactly what change was made. Really neat.


Thanks! Is there a way to see the Sami info for the iOS release?


You can check here:

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