Release Channel v1.39.120

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Full Release Notes

  • Updated Wyre and Ramp asset lists for Brave Wallet. (#23103)
  • Fixed Solana icon not being displayed in Brave Wallet when using buy functionality with Ramp. (#23013)
  • Fixed Testnet tokens not being returned when switching networks with Brave Wallet. (#23038)
  • Fixed issue where selected accounts become unselected on the Brave Wallet panel. (#22999)
  • Fixed inability to reselect a native asset on the Brave Wallet “Visible Assets” modal. (#22952)
  • Fixed GenerateCryptoErrorForTypes error which caused Brave Sync to fail in certain cases. (#22898)
  • Fixed navigation to partitioned blobs. (#23171)
  • Fixed certain cases where AMP pages would go into loading loop. (#22610)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 102.0.5005.99. (#23311)