Release Channel Update 0.60.45 is Live!


Notable fixes and additons in v0.60.45:

  • Added ability to tip Twitch publishers. (#1814)
  • Fixed public content settings not being inherited by private window. (#1373)

  • Added backup wallet notification under reward panel that notifies users who have not backed up their wallet. (#1164)
  • Added notification under reward panel that appears three days before contribution if wallet has insufficient BAT. (#1479)
  • Added recurring date within the tip table under Brave Rewards. (#1834)
  • Changed rewards publisher list being fetched every 48 hours to 24 hours. (#3171)
  • Updated default search engine list. (#3316)
  • Updated new tab page background images and refined design. (#2504)
  • Updated icons under new tab page. (#1593)
  • Fixed summary under rewards panel being cleared when restarting Brave. (#3055)
  • Fixed insufficient funds notification being displayed when wallet has more than enough BAT. (#3212)
  • Fixed being able to tip even though Brave Rewards is disabled. (#2214)
  • Fixed auto-contribution table not working if “Minimum page time before logging visit” is set to one minute. (#3320)
  • Fixed HTTPS Everywhere not working correctly on some websites. (#1535)
  • Fixed sizing of several action icons that appear in the URL bar. (#2295)
  • Fixed tipping option in certain cases not being displayed under rewards panel. (#2089)
  • Fixed Twitch icons under rewards panel not being displayed in certain cases. (#1521)
  • Fixed whitespace at the beginning or end of the recovery key prevents successful wallet recovery. (#2665)
  • Fixed being able to tip YouTube publishers in certain cases even though “Allow contributions to videos” is disabled. (#2463)
  • Fixed URL and icons under reward panel mismatching in some cases. (#2073)
  • Fixed “add funds” link not working under rewards panel when wallet has insufficient BAT for tip. (#2628)
  • Fixed 2FA with Google Accounts when Brave Shields are enabled. (#1356)
  • Fixed publisher “Thank you” banner displaying incorrect letter after tipping. (#2718)
  • Fixed publisher “Thank you” banner showing generic favicon instead of custom publisher image. (#2668)
  • Fixed deleted publishers not always being restored when using “Restore All” under auto-contribution table. (#2551)
  • Fixed notification under the rewards panel being displayed when rewards is disabled. (#2957)
  • Fixed crash reporting under Windows 7. (#1188)
  • Fixed crash reporting under Linux. (#1251)
  • Fixed WebTorrent becoming unresponsive when resizing window. (#3034)
  • Fixed auto-play issues on and (#2522)
  • Fixed videos not working under (#2843)
  • Fixed stats on new tab page overlapping when resizing window. (#341)
  • Fixed display issues when hovering over icons on new tab page. (#494)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 72.0.3626.109. (#3358)
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