Release Channel 1.36.109

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Full Release Notes

  • Added custom RSS support to Brave News. (#13095)
  • Added Brave Talk widget as the default for the widget stack under New Tab Page. (#20015)
  • Added signTypedData keyring support for Brave Wallet. (#18833)
  • Added chain validation to wallet_addEthereumChain API call for Brave Wallet. (#17640)
  • Added confirmation modal when Brave Wallet is reset. (#18997)
  • Added “Clear wallet transaction and nonce information” setting for Brave Wallet under brave://settings/wallet. (#19760)
  • Added the ability to set custom nonce value for Brave Wallet transactions. (#19705)
  • Added “Decimals of precision” to the add network panel for Brave Wallet. (#19749)
  • Added support for Brave Wallet to display custom chain and token icons. (#20000)
  • Added token balances in Brave Wallet panel. (#20179)
  • Added a “More” menu to the “Wallet Tab Bar” which includes “Lock Wallet”, “Back up now” and “Settings” for Brave Wallet. (#20339)
  • Added CoingeckoID field into the “Add custom asset” form for Brave Wallet. (#20581)
  • Added checkmark icon next to the currently selected account under the “Select Account” component for Brave Wallet. (#20549)
  • Added chainID validation to the network settings page for Brave Wallet. (#20605)
  • Added several custom chain and token icons into Brave Wallet. (#20687)
  • Added “Unlimited approval requested” message to the Brave Wallet panel for swap. (#21198)
  • Added a third option to Ledger accounts to support old derivation paths for Brave Wallet. (#21171)
  • Added window.ethereum object when reloading pages. (#20993)
  • Added “Connected sites” button to the “More” menu for Brave Wallet. (#20380)
  • Added WebSockets connection pool limit when shields are enabled. (#19990)
  • Updated description on Widevine prompt. (#9907)
  • Updated P3A pings to use JSON format. (#15967)
  • Updated UI on “Verify recovery phrase” screen of Brave Wallet to show seed words in red when they are not selected in the correct order. (#19736)
  • Updated Brave Wallet not supported tooltip messaging to be more specific. (#19815)
  • Updated the Brave Wallet “Accounts” page to support multiple networks. (#20333)
  • Updated Crypto Wallet extension to stop when default wallet is set to a different selection. (#20905)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to use “BlockchainToken.decimals” to limit decimal amounts on input fields based on token. (#20596)
  • Updated “Open using IPFS” button text to “IPFS”. (#19591)
  • Updated the “Local node” option to read “Brave local IPFS node” for “Method to resolve IPFS resources” setting under brave://settings/ipfs. (#17757)
  • Updated subresource redirection to be limited on IPFS pages. (#20357)
  • Updated user cosmetic filtering logic to apply on vetted search engine pages. (#19229)
  • Updated setting name and description for “Automatically send diagnostic reports” under brave://settings/privacy for clarity. (#19822)
  • Updated “Hide Brave Rewards button” setting text under brave://settings/appearance to be “Show Brave Rewards icon in address bar”. (#19695)
  • Temporarily disabled EIP-1559 on Polygon and Avalanche. (#20652)
  • Disabled background component updater on Windows. (#14105)
  • Fixed PWA crashes on macOS. (#21302)
  • Fixed clicking on “Solve” for adaptive CAPTCHA not working in certain cases. (#21311)
  • Fixed position not being retained when adding a new visible asset to Brave Wallet. (#19352)
  • Fixed rounded amounts on Brave Wallet transaction confirmation screen. (#19521)
  • Fixed token name not showing on the Brave Wallet allow spend screen. (#19785)
  • Fixed focus not being given to search field on swap screen for Brave Wallet. (#19788)
  • Fixed reset of Brave Wallet not resetting selected chain without browser restart. (#19844)
  • Fixed incorrect Brave Wallet legacy derivation path. (#19883)
  • Fixed values being incorrectly truncated under the transaction confirmation screen in Brave Wallet. (#20432)
  • Fixed formatting issue under Brave Wallet where large values were being converted into metric values. (#20535)
  • Fixed gas fees not being converted into ETH in the Brave Wallet “Transaction details” panel. (#20941)
  • Fixed “Maximum fee” under Brave Wallet not being updated when the base fee changes. (#21105)
  • Fixed display issue with the hardware device selection menu under “Import from hardware wallet” for Brave Wallet when the window has been narrowed. (#20681)
  • Fixed issues with casting votes with Ledger hardware wallet under using Brave Wallet. (#20864)
  • Fixed “Insufficient Balance” not being displayed after clicking “Send” when input value is greater than available balance in Brave Wallet. (#21094)
  • Fixed personalSign requests not working after connecting to using Brave Wallet. (#20600)
  • Fixed incorrect gas limit computation on Arbitrum. (#21084)
  • Fixed “IPFS” button missing from URL bar in certain cases. (#20340)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 99.0.4844.51. (#21370) (Changelog for 99.0.4844.51)
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