Release Channel 1.32.115

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Full Release Notes

  • Added support for decimal chain ID when adding custom networks. (#19583)
  • Updated token list by adding Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and several other tokens. (#19774)
  • Fixed gas fee being incorrectly calculated on both Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. (#19706)
  • Fixed gas limit for ETH transfers being hardcoded to 21000. (#19835)
  • Fixed “The receiving address is a tokens contract address” should only be applied to ERC20 and NFT transfers. (#19745)
  • Fixed confirm button in transaction confirmation panel being disabled when fiat value of gas fee is 0. (#19821)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 96.0.4664.93. (#19950) (Changelog for 96.0.4664.93)