Release Channel 1.31.87

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Notable fixes and additions

Full Release Notes

  • Added support for custom filter lists in shields via brave://adblock. (#8107)
  • Added WDP (Web Discovery Project) into Brave. (#18166)
  • Added support for adaptive CAPTCHA. (#15600)
  • Added Brave agent version suffix to go-ipfs. (#18505)
  • Updated default search engine to Brave Search for new installations in certain regions. (#18331)
  • Updated rewards panel design. (#14602)
  • Updated Private Window New Tab page design. (#18486)
  • Improved handling of default wallet settings under brave://settings/wallet. (#18213)
  • Removed tipping banner warning for unverified publishers. (#18341)
  • Removed “Brave” from User Agent when visiting DuckDuckGo. (#15156)
  • Removed Uphold “x-client-partner” header. (#18015)
  • Removed “IdleDetection” from brave://settings/content. (#18409)
  • Removed known user tracking parameter “twclid” from Twitter query strings. (#18020)
  • Disabled brave://flags/#copy-link-to-text by default. (#17994)
  • Fixed CAPTCHA failing when using custom scaling in certain cases. (#17476)
  • Fixed default settings under brave://settings/wallet not working in certain cases for both Crypto Wallet and MetaMask. (#17984)
  • Fixed MetaMask failing to connect to web3 websites within Brave. (#17168)
  • Fixed Greaselion extension appearing as corrupted in the terminal/command line interface. (#17145)
  • Fixed IPFS protocol badge linked to node diagnostics instead of settings. (#16907)
  • Fixed being able to both remove and add peers even though IPFS is not activated. (#17981)
  • Fixed Speedreader icon incorrectly appearing in certain cases. (#17355)
  • Fixed escape and encoded characters being displayed within articles when viewed using Speedreader. (#18006)
  • Fixed article titles being cut short when viewed within Speedreader. (#17983)
  • Fixed blue border appearing on top of window when focused. (#9420)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 95.0.4638.54. (#18840) (Changelog for 95.0.4638.54)