Release Channel 1.25.68 (Estimated earning decrease)

Hi @Mattches,
Since morning, my estimated earnings was +10BAT.
I’m just come back to work, I up to date the browser, and my pending reward decrease to 6,738 BAT.
I don’t understand.
My counter increase since my beginning here. (27/02/2021) It isn’t reseted each month. Is this an update of my BAT counter? After May payout my counter will decrease to zero ?
Can you give me more infos please ?



Thanks to read me Mattches.


One week ago, my counter was (thread with steeven) :

Yes the recent update fixed the reward counter showing wrong value, also you don’t have to be worried as you haven’t lost any of your pending rewards, reward counter only reduced the amount that you have already received. Check the latest release change logs for more info.


Ya, @arunbiju969
my last month estimate rewards pending still not deducted,simultaneously this and last month rewards continously adding .

Have you updated the browser? Maybe this happens in an orderly fashion.

I’m afraid that is not the latest release, you have to wait some time to see the latest update on playstore, or you can go to the GitHub page and install the latest release manually.

Last Update I got on 19 May and in Play Store no update for now,
I don’t know what is Git hub and how to use it!

The update will propagate within 24hrs, please be patient.

Thanks broo… :+1:

Always happy to help :+1::handshake: