Reinstalling Doesn't Remove Pinned Tabs


Lenovo ideapad
Windows 10 downgraded to Win7Pro
Brave Up to date and reinstalled 3 times

This is really driving me crazy, because I can’t remove ANY of my pintabs, and lowering the number of tabs isn’t helping.
I’m a dedicated “Duckduckgo” user, and it’s my designated Homepage. One day, I used Google for directions, and I’ve been stuck with ever since, which is particularly frustrating since I never pinned it, and signed up with Brave to avoid Google’s “prying eyes.”

This morning I decided to open up Brave thru my Protonmail VPN, and was happy to see that Google disappeared, which I believe is due to their “You can’t Sue Us” to Protonmail’s “Watch Us, See we won” relationship, forcing Google to both acknowledge and allow for Protonmail’s app in its store. But the other tabs still remain.
I’ve tried to unpin/remove other tabs within the VPN, but no luck.

So here’s my questions:
If Google can attach itself without my pinning it, then how safe is my browsing thru Brave?


Hi @mjkozz, I think I’m a little confused about what it is you’re describing. When you say:


Are you saying that stays as a pinned tab on your browser? Or are you referring to the URL bar using Google as it’s primary search vs DDG?


I didn’t pin Google, and I’m a dedicated duckduckgo user. I opened it for a specific reason - directions- and closed it when I finished. So I was surprised to see it pop up this morning, and I can’t remove it. The dropdown didn’t offer a link to unpin it or pin it. It was just there. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Brave, and it didn’t affect any of the pinned tabs.
Google tab totally disappeared when I opened it thru Protonmail. I asked about privacy because it was odd that any page would link without my doing it.


Are you able to reproduce this?


I haven’t tried to reproduce it since most of my time has been spent trying to re"move" it.:slight_smile: When first went to Google (haven’t gone there for about two months), I was able to close it out when I was done, and no, I didn’t pin it. But it’s still here and I can’t get rid of it, can I unpin any of the other tabs. Google icon and page disappears when I open it thru Protonmail’s VPN. I’m waiting on a reply from them about this.

In the meantime, because I can’t unpin ANY of the pinned tabs, I’m now experiencing slow browser loading and it’s really frustrating. I admit, I don’t know enough about this to provide a more technical description, but after five installs (last two as a standalone), I’ve decided to use the Vivaldi browser.
I’ll keep an eye out for any updates that’ll fix this.
Thanks for your help.


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