Reinstalled Brave Nightly, BAT is gone from wallet


Issue has been fixed, ruled to be corrupt Darkreader extension, successfully updated, and post flagged for removal.

Hi @AsAboveSoBelow - thanks for reaching out. Once solution is to use your back-up key in your release wallet -

But - if you currently have BAT in your release wallet it will replace that BAT.

@steeven I just did this tonite with a whopping 0 transfered after uninstalling nightly and reinstalling. I did get it to actually not crash after reinstalling but my 17.5 BAT is gone :frowning: see below:


I don’t have an uphold account, but would still appreciate some assistance in this.

Thanks in advance

Interestingly enough inside the %appdata% folder was what was causing it to crash repeatedly. Perhaps some corrupt data. Just figured it was worth mentioning.

Just out of curiousity, what DOES cause the BAT to not be in said wallet anyway? All traces from Nightly minus my backups and this new copy are the only thing that remain. Does it have to be done manually? It’d just be a shame to see the BAT I earned not go to my favourite creators :frowning:

Again any help would be appreciated