Reimplement bottom-screen navigation


until version 65, Chromium used to have a setting called Chrome Home hidden in chrome://flags. when enabled, the URL bar, tab button and overflow menu would be moved to the bottom of the screen for easy access. the same setting used to be available in Brave, too. today’s update to 1.0.45 got rid of it, so I guess Brave is now based on Chromium 66 which ditched that feature.

I was wondering if it was possible for you guys to bring Chrome Home (Brave Home?) back. I’ve only been using the latest version for half an hour or so, but I’m already missing being able to open URL bar with one hand without reaching all the way to the top of the screen, or swiping between tabs with my thumb without risking a wrist injury.



Hi @najodleglejszy

Looks like this was removed on purpose -

I have entered an issue on our GitHub repo for review/investigation to see if we can bring this back - you can track the progress here:

Thanks for reporting this!



thanks a ton for the reply and for creating the issue! I’ve seen the articles mentioning it being removed on purpose, but I still hope it makes its way back. I often see people recommend Yandex Browser when someone’s asking for a browser with navigation on the bottom of the screen, but its… dubious. it would be nice to still be able to let the folks in search of that feature know about a FOSS alternative.



Please make this new bottom bar optional. While I know many people have asked for it, many others do not like it (including myself). The best solution here is to make it a toggle so that those that want it can have it and those who don’t aren’t forced to have it.



We already have issues logged asking for this option to be available as well as to implement alternative solutions:


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