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I’ve had some interesting bugs occur with YouTube videos I have queued up in multiple tabs. I generally do this to watch content back to back without needing to return to my sub box every time.

1. Tabs fail to open at times

The tabs will occasionally fail to open, even when they’re actively playing videos. Most of the time I’ll jump to another tab while listening to a news video and I’ll want to see what they’re speaking in reference to. The frequency of this bug is inconsistent but it is fairly annoying when it does happen.

2. When I minimize Brave and reopen the browser, all videos play if they weren’t manually paused.

This is a problem when I’m trying to manage multiple applications and windows. It seems to happen every time I minimize the window with unopened videos in the tabs.

3. Clicking tabs will open new windows

Occasionally, I’ll try to open a tab and the browser will interpret that as my wanting to open a new window. I’m not sure if it’s sensitive to slight movements in my mouse or if there’s a known bug.

Any fixes to these issues?

  1. Even though the tab is active it doesn’t switch? ow many tabs are open and also do you have the tab preview enabled?

  2. This issue of tabs loading when maximised is captured

  3. Tear off sensitivity is captured here


I can have anywhere from 5-25 open at any given time. I disabled tab preview due to it starting videos when I’m trying to read the title of the tab.


@Cersox are you able to switch using the keyboard Ctrl+Tab to navigate to the tabs?


I never use this function so I haven’t tried it.


Could you try the keyboard shortcut and try and check if it still an issue


I’ve tried recently and it doesn’t work either.

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