Regular BAT rewards stopped 3 months ago

I have a verified Uphold wallet that had been receiving BAT from multiple browsers for months, maybe over a year. Three months ago it stopped. I did not notice because I got the "drag the triangle " message each month followed by a “success” comment. This was extremely misleading and very poor execution of transaction code. If it doesn’t get transferred, what kind of “success” have I had?

I have written to Uphold and got a reply. They said to contact Brave directly. I went to the Brave website and cannot find a “Contact” link. Please list below and I will use it.

Otherwise, I am asking for help to get the BAT transferred to Uphold. NOTE: In the “view monthly statements” link, I do see an amount of BAT for the last two months. So, what do I do next?

For now, I have just stopped the ads completely, as I don’t need the extra cash. I’d like to see a new model of advertisements where the viewer is rewarded and will continue to support it, if you can get it to work. Thank you.