Regional setting and reward

Hello. I have been using brave for about 2 years from Japan. I noticed that my portable devices’ regional setting was for whatever reason set to the UK, and the crypto wallet connected to Brave is Uphold.

The problem is, as I try to open an account on Uphold, they only allow passport as a valid ID, and unfortunately I don’t have one for the time being.

From my computer however, the region setting was set in Japan and I could successfully link my Brave wallet to Bitflyer, the official Japanese crypto partner for Brave.

So my question is, is there any way I can connect my Brave on portable devices to Bitflyer instead of Uphold? I tried resetting the regional setting, to no avail. I considered reinstalling Brave from google app store, but I fear I might lose all the rewards that have been accumulated so far. Let me know if there’s any way.

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