Regional adblock keeps getting disabled by itself


Thank you for this amazing browser.
There is a small problem i am having. My phone is LG D802 and i am using Lineage os 14.1.
Regional adblock option in the settings keeps getting disabled by itself. In the past it used to be disabled when i was switching between VPN and ISP. But now it keeps getting disabled by itself even when i am not changing my ip. Is there a fix for this ?. I am always enabling it again 4-5 times a day.

Thank you in advance
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Hi @Dementhar,

Thanks for reporting. Will ccing @Serg and @LaurenWags on this.


Hello , Any news about this issue?.


Hi @Dementhar I apologize for the lateness in reply.

@samartnik or @Alexey are either of you able to reproduce this?



Not reproduced with TunnelBear VPN. Option is enabled with and without VPN. This option depends on system language. @Dementhar what VPN service do you use?


Hello @samartnik , sorry for the late reply.

İ am using NordVpn and my system language is Turkish

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