Region still not supported issue

When is this Region not supported issue is gonna be resolved it’s been months and India is still TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE. I’ll still use brave as my default forever but reward system is icing on a cake so guys please take care of that issue. Thanks.

Maybe, in the future when the INDIAN government likes crypto.

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It’s not an issue about liking or disliking and fyi crypto is legal in India

I’ll rather not touch this sensitive subject, it’s a government thing simple as that.

I suggest you following more the news. India government has been fighting aggressively against crypto in a way that foreign exchanges are not able to offer their services in India.

This news was published just 3 days ago and it is just one more stone in the crypto business in India

But, this is a political subject, so I stop here. Do your own research.

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Is this forum about politically correcting people or something?

I wanted an answer for my query not some political opinions about governments.

I am so sorry if I offended you. I did not know you were not prepared to face facts.

So, your answer is. When Gemini, Uphold or any other exchange is able to operate in your country, then you will be able to reconnect your wallet.

Or, when brave is able to add more options. Which I believe will happen in a near future (let’s say several months or few years).

Facts? I didn’t know you can know all about a country with just a news article because they’re never wrong and always true right? For an outsider u sure do know a lot about indian government. Anyway thanks man.

Hi, I am facing similar issue.
Wallet was connected in old laptop browser.
But now, getting this error in new PC.

I don’t think the issue is from new Pc but from our region. We’re just gonna have to wait for brave to resolve this.

Yes, looks like that.
Thanks for the reply.

Hi, Antonio. The question here is NOT about if Gemini operates or not in our countries. Look, my account on Gemini is up to date and my access is normal. In spite of it, Brave says my region is not in Gemini list. This issue is not clear and not every case can be explained simply reading the news, unfortunately. Is there anything we can do about it? I don’t think so, except waiting for new facts or a solution.

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