Region not supported UK account

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yep same issue … country not supported … i am using brave for a year now or more i guess, i do have a verified uphold account and did receive BATs to that account lots of times and not it seems brave logged out or something and when i login try (via uphold) it say your region not supported… (i am in Turkey, as always, and i do not use VPN or anything) and i did see a lot of people mentioning this problem…

Hi, same probleme from Switzerland, since 3 days.

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For the UK user there was probably an error in the system, but Turkey and Germany are unsupported regions at the moment, so better check the updated list of countries before posting. It’s not an issue, it’s just the current situation of Brave/exchange partnership.

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Has this been resolved for you? I have the same exact issue, all devices are now disconnected from brave rewards error stating that region is not supported. I’m in UK…

@steeven Hi, I am currently also facing the same issue being from the UK. I did my re KYC with Uphold as well with UK Address.

Please help me resolve this issue.


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Still not fixed :frowning:
Still the same issue :pensive:

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Having this same problem today in my Brave. I’m from Mexico and I have years with my account so, how we can fix this? D=

Is anyone here from official Brave support to update all of us what is this all about? If Brave team decided to not distribute rewards anymore for ads that’s fine but community should be informed right away rather than left with no official answer.

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Same issue with Germany since today. Was using Brave with Uphold for years. I’m unsure what the consequences are for my earned BAT in browser and Uphold wallet?

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Same problem in France, ‘Uphold Verification Error: Region not supported’. I have this issue since 2 days.


Same. Well, uphold wasnt offering account regestration here in Germany for a while. If you had one already before they limited it, you were in luck and could still use it.
But now Brave conformed with the custodians and also limited it to countries that are officially supported by uphold and gemini.
Germany sadly is not on the list. And likely wont be for a very long time.
You can use the browser because you like it, or try something else. I started using Opera GX when I was unlinked from uphold and I fell in love with it. :smiley:

Info is here.

They opened up France shortly after you mentioned. Can you verify whether you’ve been able to link now?

I live in hungary
I did try to send my rewards from brave browser to my uphold account and I got messgae like your region not supported. Even i recieved my rewards from november to mars rigulary.
Could you help please

Hi to all

I did try to send my rewards from brave browser to my uphold account from Month ago and I got also message like your region not supported.
Im from Poland and I had a succesfully transfer from my brave browser to uphold before but it stops
Please help with That
Best regards

Hungary is not a supported region, at least not in terms of connecting to Uphold or Gemini. You can still earn Rewards, you just can’t move them to an exchange. You can read more details at PSA: Unsupported Region

Same as above, Poland is not currently supported to be linked to Gemini or Uphold. Please read PSA: Unsupported Region

Thank You for answer
How and where can i transfer BAT coins?
Polish BRAVE support Will back or permanently no?
Best regards

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Same problem (From Argentina)