Region not supported since many months

i live in a not supported region so i cant link gemini with my brave. its been so many months will it be fixed ever again? is there any alternative to move bats from my device to any exchange?

What region are you in ?

  • The good news is we’re making progress with Uphold and hopefully will have Brazil, India, and other countries turned on soon. We’re just waiting for Uphold to finish up a few things surrounding fraud.

The above was said by @jsecretan in the community call this week

that would be good , im from India

Okay. If you had a Gemini account connected to rewards before the unsupported region error started then you can reconnect that profile to Gemini

i got to know about that earlier but the issue is that i have a new device now, badluck

Hi @shanky99

Thank you for reaching us and sorry for the inconvenience, you can use this link to have more information about new region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini. Please note that this list can, and does, change over time. If your region is currently not supported for connecting to Brave Rewards, it may become supported in the future.

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Hey. You can check if you’re in a supported region here.
The one @Alice2095 mentioned is a bit outdated but its correct for some conditions.
For Gemini, if you had your rewards profile connected before this whole ‘Unsupported region’ issue started, then you can connect back to Gemini, irrespective of your geo location.
For profiles, which were never connected to Gemini, you’ll still get a region unsupported error.

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