Region not supported nepal account

issue … country not supported … i am using brave for a year now or more i guess, i do have a verified uphold account and did receive BATs to that account lots of times and not it seems brave logged out or something and when i login try (via uphold) it say your region not supported… (i am in Nepal).

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Hey there. You could try with Gemini, and if that doesn’t work neither… well, you couldn’t verify.

I would like to ask if Binance works in nepal (I think it does), so you could give me a hand and upvote this request please! May be in a future we could use binance as claim method (Just click on Vote on the upper left part and say “Yes” to the poll that ask for that)

Currently only few countries are supported. You can check the supported countries below

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Brave are working to bring them back. You can follow updates in the post below

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