Region not supported (Latvia)

My region (Latvia) isn’t supported. Is there an approximate time when it’s gonna be supported or is it gonna stay unsupported forever?

You can follow this post. It has regular updates.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the thing is, I’ve already looked through the entire topic. The thing is, my region was supported either half a year ago or a year ago. Essentially, before the Russian-Ukranian war. As soon as that started, a week later, Latvia wasn’t supported any longer. Plus, I have a Gemini account, not an Uphold account

It has nothing to do with Russia. Brave has stopped support for most of the countries leaving only around 20 supported countries.
This is due to the different regulations around the world. Each country has different requirements. In order to be able to offer rewards legally, Brave and the custodial wallets have to implement the different bits required by every single country. They are working in bringing countries back one by one. But it’s not an easy process and it will take some time.

Ah, I see. Well, thanks for the information. But for some reason I expected Brave Rewards to be already legal. Then again, Brave Browser itself is a pretty new thing, as far as I know, so yeah. I could’ve used a bit of brain power there, then again, I don’t have any working braincells anymore since I’ve been trying to decipher what the Latvian prime minister and the president of Latvia are trying to say when they literally say the same sentence in 250 different ways.

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It might actually have been that which caused a difference. It’s not listed on the notice, but you can see where they announced no longer supporting Balkan area, which would include Latvia.

That said, it’s as @rodrige said, that many places around the world have had support rescinded while Brave is working on a number of issues. One of which has been changes in policies and regulations. This isn’t just how governments are establishing things for themselves, such as how India had been looking at trying to ban cryptocurrency, but also in how governments impose sanctions and restrictions on each other.

On top of that, there’s been “fine lines” in laws. For example, they might say you can’t have Proof of Work (PoW) but they’ll allow Proof of Stake (PoS). Then you end up with other types like Proof of Burn, Proof of Activity, Proof of History, etc. So when changes come into play, there’s a lot of attention that has to be paid in order to make sure they are in compliance with each government. Not only for that government’s laws, but also for international laws.

This isn’t just about cryptocurrency, but it’s also on fraud and other areas along the spectrum too. So making sure proper documentation is being kept, everything is being properly verified, and all necessary information reported to governments. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of moving parts, which is kind of what is taking so long. Unfortunately Brave moved a bit too fast in adding regions before and now they are having to revisit everything and get systems set up so there are no issues moving forward.

Your geography :smiley:
Latvia is a Baltic country and is part of EU

Lmao, yep. I did Google and thought I saw it, but indeed…it was Baltic and not Balkan. :man_facepalming:

Think what really hurt though is looking at things now, I have over 50 windows open from things I was searching and answering. I need to go back to one thing at a time and make sure to close windows rather than leaving a bunch open and running. Think it’s what has been killing me on some responses.

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