Region Not Supported issue

Hello Guys

I am from India, I am using Brave browser from about 6 months and I was getting proper rewards in my Gemini account but from last 2 3 days whenever I try to connect Gemini account with Brave browser for collecting rewards I am getting error “region not supported… Unfortunately your brave rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for brave rewards verification at this time.”

Few days back everything was working flawlessly
Please anybody help

In the future, if you can try to search Brave Community before making a new topic, it would be greatly appreciated. I say this as many other users have already posted the same thing AND Brave has posted announcements regarding it.

That out of the way, there’s been some issues where users from India and other regions can’t connect to Uphold or Gemini at this time. This is not saying you can’t have an Uphold or Gemini account, only that they are not allowing users from Brave to link to it at this time.


So now I need to login with Uphold account ? or Gemini will start supporting India again soon ?

You can’t use either of them. Neither Uphold or Gemini are allowing Brave to connect to them if you are in India. Brave is working on getting that changed, but for now this means you can’t move BAT outside of the browser. You will still earn BAT and can tip Creators. You just can’t send it elsewhere or turn it into money.

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Okay okay got it… Thanks alot :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Then please give us the option to link with Indian exchanges.

Any Update Sir ? Else we will lose our rewards

It’s high time move to other browsers Brave is no more worth using.

You won’t lose your rewards, they will still accumulate on your browser but you won’t be able to send them to your Uphold or Gemini wallets until the issues are sorted out.

Brave is still most definitely worth using and the region problems with Uphold and Gemini are being worked on. You are still getting BAT on your computer.

So No more ads for Indian users… Right???

Wrong. India still has ads and earns BAT. The only thing is right now you can’t move BAT away from your browser. No moving to Uphold or Gemini, which means no converting to money or sending anywhere.

This should change in the future but nobody knows when.

What if I didn’t claim within mentioned time ?

You have 90 days to claim. If you don’t claim in that time, it goes away. There’s no getting it back or anything. Any BAT which had been claimed would still be in your browser or stored in the exchange you were linked to.

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