Region not supported error GEMINI

If you are facing problem with withdrawal fee then convert bat to XRP and then transfer you will be charged very less fees

If you are done with Barve you can do whatever you want! Don’t look at rewards only there’s many other best Features comes with brave enjoy that



I have the same problem in Croatia, cant connect to Gemini

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I have same problem in Turkey

Please Add India in the list as soon as Possible, It’s my humble request to Brave Team @SaltyBanana I don’t want to lose my hardly earned BAT again. i’d already lost 25 BAT before. Please Add India as a Supported Country in Gemini + Brave. One of the Largest Userbase of Brave is in India. Please Do care of Us as Well before taking any desicion.


Same region Romania … what a fk please update it fix it do something i will let brave forever i will return to chrome

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I’m from Russia. Uphold told me that he was closing my account and transferred my BAT to a personal wallet. Gemini does not support my region. Advertising is coming. What should I do? Throw bat browser? I really don’t want to. Please help someone!!!


The same in Romania…

i get the same error. my region is India it supported previously

But now not supported

I’m from Malaysia, not supported. Before this, it was supported. Help

Nothing can we do other than waiting to be supported.
Only Gemini can do anything regarding this.

from India cannot linik brave to gemini wallet
today got identity verified on gemin

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Read above post for clarification

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Hi Team,

I am from INDIA even I am also getting Error: Region not supported message while Verifying my account with gemini. Please do the needful help .

Why i am getting this error?

Error: Region not supported

Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.

Yes, there was changes. If you read link below, ONLY the countries listed are supported on Gemini now. India IS NOT one of those countries.

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Gemini and uphold also didn’t support in Bangladesh

Hi Team,

Thanks for your quick response. What about uphold exchange. Is that uphold exchange support INDIA region ? Please help me on this so that I can take the decision whether I have to use BRAVE browser furthermore.

BRAVE currently support only two exchange. So, it’s important for me to get the right information from your side because I am spending more time to view the ads pushing from your side. I hope your team will help me to take right decision.

Please do the needful help Thanks a lot for your support.

I am not sure, to be blunt. India is not part of the unsupported regions, HOWEVER, they also are not listed in the regions which can do banking. So if Uphold lets you create an account, it sounds like you would not be able to send or receive anything from your bank account.

There were some others from India recently who said Uphold advised they could not offer them an account at this time. It is because of this that I think India also is not being accepted, but I would need to hear it directly from Uphold or to continue seeing users (such as yourself) try to create an account and be denied before I can say it with absolute certainty.

Correct. They are looking to add more later, but we don’t know when that will happen. ANy places that are currently unable to have Gemini or Uphold accounts will still be able to view ads and earn BAT. The only difference is you will only be able to use that BAT to tip content creators and won’t be able to use it outside of Brave. Otherwise, you’d have to continue to save the BAT in your browser until you are able to attach to a custodial wallet in the future. That is up to you. Of course, you can always turn off Brave Ads if you like and you’ll still benefit from the adblocking and privacy protections that Brave has to offer without having to see the ads/notifications.

I am also facing the same issue.
I am from India.

Contacted Gemini support and got reply from them.

Its not Gemini issue , its brave issue.

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if you had done that on uphold you will know that uphold takes commission from users without telling them
so if you are converting bat to xrp you are paying more bat and getting less xrp
try this and check ,you’ll know
and for your information brave is MOSTLY popular because of rewards not features
i said mostly
without rewards and referral system brave wont be this popular XD