Region not supported anymore why? st.kitts and Nevis, Caribbean

I used to be able to earn brave rewards using my uphold account. now its telling me that i cant because my uphold is registered in an unsupported region. Im in the Caribbean, St. kitts and Nevis. why was it removed from supported regions?

Hello! Here’s the list of supported regions available for Brave Rewards and some additional information on KYCing.

Thank you!

Thank you. Neither the country I’m from nor the one I reside is on any of the lists for brave nor uphold. And I still have an uphold account. So if I still have an uphold why can’t they continue allowing me to use Brave. Unless they’re still confusing Dominica( English speaking country) with Dominican Republic (US Spanish speaking country).

Dominica :dominica::dominica::dominica::dominica:

St. Kitts and Nevis :st_kitts_nevis::st_kitts_nevis::st_kitts_nevis:

Dominican Republic :dominican_republic::dominican_republic::dominican_republic:

I’m only associated with the first two countries. They’re not on any of the lists. My uphold account is still active. However according to brave my region doesn’t have custodial accounts available. Can this be rectified?

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