Regards to trading bat via uphold

hi guys so ive got my uphold and i was just wondering if some one could help me i have my uphold and bat if i trade bat to bonk do i just trade via uphold and there and then is there anything else i need to do before trading ?

You can just do a transaction right within Uphold. When you go to buy Bonk from Uphold, it will ask you what source you’re using for it. So you’d choose BAT, your bank, or whatever you have there and then you proceed with the transaction. There will be a small transaction fee to pay and then you’ll be done.

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do you mind if i msg you

so i login to my wallet trade from bat to bonk and thats basically it from what you are saying do i need to do anything else before hand like create account at bonk or anything like that

can you please let me know ?

Nothing more to do necessarily, assuming you did all the KYC/AML and all required by Uphold. They are all about buying, trading, and selling crypto. You never have to create any additional accounts to buy or sell to Uphold. You just need to create accounts if you’re trying to buy directly from other websites or whatever.

sorted i got it all sorted now thanks so much for your time kind regards

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