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  1. I have bought new phone I have installed brave but previous bat token balance is not showing in this how to get the token in this device

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Hi @Dineshramsen, currently there is a lifetime limit of 4 wallets/ devices with Brave-Uphold. Each wallet is individual and can’t be synced, but they can be linked to a verified Uphold account.

Keep this in mind as you upgrade devices, un-/reinstall, or any kind of reformatting.

If you want to pool together all your BAT and secure it against loss when doing any of the above actions…

does that mean, that when i now have my phone and pc linked to uphold, and i replace both, i can’t link any new device to the excisting uphold account and i have to create a new one just for that?

why cant we just “log out” devices in uphold?

It’s interesting you ask this because only yesterday another user posted about speaking with Uphold regarding this…

If you read to the end of that thread, you’ll see JohnDproof’s response. He’d never heard of this option and he’s been around at least a year.

If you’re up against a wall, you can definitely try it, and I’d like to know how it works out, sincerely.

There will be an option to choose Gemini wallet at some point this year I believe, with less to little restrictions regarding this - right now, only Creators can choose it.


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thanks. very informative.
ok. than the additional uphold account seems to be at least difficult.
with logoff its meant to disconnect the wallet i guess? but i cant see those “slots” in uphold that show me how many devices are connected. so how could i know?

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The complain about Uphold has been over a year in various forums because of their extortionist charges like 20 dollars per transfer. Considering BAT has over billion dollars in market cap, why can’t Brave move to Gemini or Kraken or Coinbase? Afterall it was supposed to be about paying the users for watching ads, whereas here Uphold makes more profit than anyone else.

I am guessing many would leave BAT tokens in Uphold until its large amount before transferring out. Also, Uphold has very bad TrustPilot rating 2.4* where they freeze accounts when the balances are high, potentially stealing people’s money.

All these things discourage me from using Brave, unless Brave starts being more user friendly than friendly to the sharks.

Last I read, there’s no way to see how many devices have been connected. At this time, anyway. The only way I’ve seen mentioned is that when you notice your BAT on a newer device won’t direct dump into your Uphold, it’s because you’ve surpassed the limit of four. Someone may correct me on this, if I’m mistaken. Maybe Support could determine this, but it seems it would be too much of a hassle for them to do this for so many.

No, this does not ‘log off’ it just disconnects it till you reconnect or not, but it will still take up one slot. This is why I think there may have been a miscommunication between that user who spoke to a rep at Uphold about ‘logging off the device’.

Oftentimes, when a user is having issues with BAT transferring into their wallet, Support and others will suggest you to try disconnecting and reconnecting the wallet, but it remains whether you use it or not.

But, I noticed that it generated a new card in my Uphold account the few times I did this - I believe it’s because I custom named my card(s). I’ve personally not had any issues dealing with Uphold, or when using their services, so far, but there are some aspects to them that seem touchy to me, so I try not to experiment on that site more than I need to. These extra generated BAT cards are an example of ‘touchiness’ for me: I can’t find a way to delete the extras and there’s no way I can determine which one is actually connected to my Brave browser because when I look in Uphold, I see one has the BAT amount… but if I click on withdraw through the Brave browser, it auto opens in Uphold to another BAT card that was generated, and without the balance… so I walk around it quietly for now and hope for no further mix ups :upside_down_face:

Edit: The cards in Uphold are not the same as wallets… if this were the case, I don’t think Support would suggest dis-/reconnecting the wallet, because I can’t be the only one who customises things… at least, I hope this is the case :grimacing:

Edit2: One last thing, if you’re into using multiple profiles in a browser… the wallets on each profile will count toward that limit, too…

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thanks for all your infos. very helpful. but well. this whole reward wallet thing seems to need some improvements. hope it will get better with gemini. if it comes.
but the way the reward system works for now is not very user friendly. its mostly pretty frustrating if you try to get hand on your BATs.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

There are some things that need smoothing out, for sure, but I see Brave’s working at it. I believe there are many great things to look forward to with the browser and BAT.

Have you read this, by chance? It was updated yesterday, actually…

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looks nice.
yeah. i’ll be patient. they’re really working on it. so let’s see

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I agree, it’s worthy of a wait and see.

will BATs earned be stored in the local browser wallet instead of Uphold that can be transferred to other wallets like Ledger Nano free of charge? Can BAT from multiple browsers earned into same wallet?

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