Regarding brave browser wallet

Greetings, Brave Team,

I have a question regarding the Brave browser’s integrated wallet. I’m wondering why it isn’t possible to integrate the BAT reward system with this wallet, instead of relying on third-party applications such as Uphold and Gemini. As a Brave user from India, I’m unable to withdraw my daily BAT rewards due to regional restrictions. I believe that fulfilling this request would benefit users in my country. Additionally, given that Brave is one of the top Web 3 decentralized browsing applications, it would be even better if withdrawal could be done directly through the wallet, rather than using a CEX. Thank you for your consideration.

@Abhijith03 As you may imagine, this is something that has been asked and answered more times than anyone cares to count. I tried summarizing points in a FAQ that was written here on Community. You may want to check it out at the links provided below:

Also, want to make sure it’s pointed out that they are working on getting a new exchange partner that will work with India. No ETA has been given but it’s been teased by Brendan Eich as if it should be arriving relatively soon (which by Brave terms can be 6 months to a year, but hopefully quicker). I wish I knew better on a timeline, but it should be coming. Also not sure when/if Uphold might fully open to India again, which would once again provide that opportunity for you.


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