Reflashed Android and lost my BAT/Passwords :(

I know there may be similar articles, but mine is a unique case.

I am a user of Brave on android, the github builds to be specific. 1.5.2 stabe just got released and I had just gotten it a few days ago. I am awares brave is working on syncing wallet from mobile to PC/Mac etc, and was curious of the happenstance if this were to happen.

In short, My problem occured as of three small details.

  1. My phone was in stock state (I.E., for the non-devs here to help, non custom rom, no custom recovery, etc) before this, I have done this many a time and have come out completely fine w/ brave
  2. I had attempted a ‘dirty flash’ (meaning I keep all the data on the device) with fastboot to try and reflash stock with google’s tool (I own a pixel series phone) after a quite unsuccessful De-Gapping (removing google apps)
  3. Somehow Brave had corrupted on reflash and I lost my grant :frowning:

I know it’s not a huge deal to you guys here. Or there probably isn’t any way to nessecarily ‘fix’ this, but somehow something in the Browser might have gotten arwy durring the read/write process of FB, but I am unbeknownst.

If there is any help you could offer toward a possible explantion, it would be gratified, as I only had 3 someodd BAT with a 20 BAT grant, so the money isn’t what I’m concerned about. It was more of how it also lost all of my site settings/passes which is extremely tedious.

I understand however from a dev’s standpoint that glitches occur, and Brave is still a WIP, but if anyone has expirenced anything similar, please let me know.

Don’t use beta if you expect stability…even if it has newer stuff


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