Refferal download and install but not conformed

I have 31 downoload in march 2020 and 3 install but not conformed sigle one and in april 10 download 2 install but not conformed sigle one what is this i think if any person download he must install it but the ratio download to install is shown in my last 2 months are not correct please check it Nd correct it and also right my refferal conformation correct and right thanks.! I attached both months screen shots.Screenshot_20200517-140755_Brave|281x500

that means noone used Brave for 30 Days

I dont think so my 7 friend and 2 bro and a cousion download and install with my reffreal link they are using it since from march but i received nothing brave dont confrm yet they all sende tips its meanz that they use it at least a month that s why they recive bat which they tip to me

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