Reffer System Process

Sir I saw new reffer group.
But I don’t get Bangladesh in this list…

Please sir tell me how much get reffer profit bangladesh??


Welcome to the community

BD will get adds system earn???

The latest release of brave 0.70 added add support for india maybe they are already there !
Keep using brave and invite yor fans

I am from Bangladesh Not India…
I want to know when release add system for Bangladesh?

Bangladesh adds should be there already if not wait for the next release

For others a translated version of a piece of text introducing you to brave
Income by just browsing!
Yeah, now you can make income by browsing. Even your earning money can be very easy to take.
1% trusted browser. The more you browse, the more income.

The advantages of using the browser-
In addition to the income you get many benefits.
Even if you do not want to make an income, you will still be useful. If you want a security browser then this browser is the most complete security. All kinds of ads will save you time. Besides, this browser will also protect you from various viruses while browsing.
Soon this browser will become known as the number 7 browser in the world. You may not use it for free even after a few years.
So start using it now.

Browser success -
A mission to fix the web - giving bold users a safer, faster, and better browsing experience - is a time of growing support for content creators through a new focus-based ecosystem. Join us

This browser is available on all platforms including Android and iOS. A system that can be used by a website owner or YouTube creator to earn bit tokens. Later, you can sell this bit token for bitcoin or Bangladeshi money and take it through development.
Earn Today

Rules for Income-
Click below to download.
Download Apk
Then sign up with your Gmail ID by clicking Sign Up.
Sing Up
A verification link will go to your gmail. Click and hold down that verification text, and copy the link by clicking on the Copy link. Then paste the link in the Brave browser.
Sign in with your name and connect your YouTube profile.

You get $ 5 per referral
That is, if you invite everyone, you will get 1 taka.
The more the ref, the more money.

Condition: Your friend will need to sign up from your Invitations link. He has to add his YouTube channel / profile and he has to use this browser for 6 months.

This video will help you understand everything.

Answering some questions, including payment proof

If you have difficulty understanding anything and want details,
Be sure to share if the post looks good.

and this is not that bad comparing to other unscrupulous means !

PR disaster :wink::neutral_face:

But Now J saw bangladesh price so low. :disappointed::unamused::unamused:

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