Referrals have confimed but don't getting BAT

Greetings sir, I have noticed that, some of my referrals have been confimed. I count that I have 18 confirmed referral and 319.12 BAT has been credited to my account so far. But the problem I can see that, I have another 8 referral who are using Brave browser more than 30 days and the confirmed amount is increased to 26 from 18. Now my BAT is not increasing, I am not receiving BAT from comfimed referrals. I am adding two screenshots have a look on it.! Please I request you to solve my issue as soon as possible. Thank you sir, Have a nice day…

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When did you get these confirmations credited to your account? It may take a day or two for your balance to fully update.

I have the same problem.
I will wait a few days to see if all these pending confirmations are added to my balance.

As far as I can remember last time when the confirmed amount was 22 that time was 8 October 07.21 AM.

This should be fixed now, FYI!


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