Referrals error in Dashboard

My Dashboard is not loading properly

Hi @Wxyyz122 - can you share a screenshot of what you see? What’s not loading properly?

Hi @Wxyyz122 - Thanks for the screenshot. What specifically are you wanting to know?

Why was it so little if every download is $5. Plus the Dashboard says 0.01 btc deposited and when i check uphold its 0.0053

Payouts are based on confirmations, not installs. So your 8 confirmations at $5 each were equivalent to 223.89 BAT.

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Please, thank you. Because when i joined in July it just said earn $5 for every referral

Thanks @Wxyyz122 for the follow up. Referral = confirmation.

i have the same problem… yesterday 5 confirmed but no BAT added in the dashboard

Hi @kenji27 - looking into it right now.

please fix it ASAP sir thanks

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