Referral not confirm

I see my statistic on December and i have many referral already completed 30 days use of brave but i only recieve 1 confirmed on my dashboard, also my dashboard not updating, i referred some friends but the status of downloads and install still the same.

Also some of my referral from September not confirm yet even if they use brave for 30 days.

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Idol support is aware and working on the fix

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my history is empty althought i surf alot website

Ok bro thanks for updating me. Tanong ko lang kung continous padin yun referral promo ni brave?


Bro, if you are interested, then my statistics have not been updated for a long time either, now they have been updated, and it even has referrals. So if you have a problem, I think they will fix it soon

Ok bro, i hope they will fix it now, because i’m waiting couple of months to fix my issue…:expressionless:

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