Referral Link Spam or Not Spam

Hey there Brave community out their. I just to know when we try to post our ads or link here does it come in spam category. Cause when I put my refferal link in yeterday post and when I opend it, it doesn’t work.:thinking:

This was the link, it was working and correct but was not opening from here.

Yes, when you publish your referral link, it is blocked by the official Forum System, since you prevent other users from reading your message from entering and making your referral, since the Brave Browser Forum platform we would understand that we are all members, As your Referral link does not work and when it is displayed as a URL / Text Link, it is considered that it is reflected so that the Moderators can see it and answer any questions regarding which you have placed your Referral Link, it is considered Spam but it is not penalized anymore that the Forum System blocks it automatically.

If that was the question I asked, I hope I have been able to help you.

If you have had problems with your URL / Referral Link on any other digital platform due to another issue on the same topic, we invite you to indicate which platform has been affected to take action on the matter and contact the platform to unban the URL / Link address of all referrals and users.

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Thank you that help alot. The link was opening by my side when I try on Pc. Now when I posted it was working too. But your comment make it easy to understand it.
Thank you for taking your time to figure it out.

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If you have any kind of doubt or question I will gladly answer you, available at this time.

Otherwise a pleasure to help you. <3

Thank you I really appreciate that.

If your article was resolved you can mark it with Resolved or Close it, if you wait for help or response from a moderator you can continue with the open article, it is your free choice, excellent day and merry Christmas.

It’s marked as solved now.

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