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I verified my website as a Brave publisher via an updated DNS entry. Is adding a trusted file the only way to activate the channel? I want to create a referral link. My domain is THANKS!


Hi @sunsetnice

From my understanding, using DNS can take some time to show the verification (24 hours if I recall correctly). Can you check in 24h and see if you are verified then? If not, please private message me your email address and I can share with the team to investigate. Also, is your site a WordPress site?



The DNS verification took place two weeks ago & the site is not a WordPress site.


I’ve emailed from my personal account with more details. Thanks!



My DNS verification completed within 24 hours but that was some time ago (Feb 19th or so)

Below is a copy /paste from the verification email:


Thanks @sunsetnice! will share these details with the team for their investigation.



Has there been a resolution to this investigation? I’m still in need of a referral link to share with others. Thanks!


Hi @sunsetnice

Did you remove your channel from your publishers dashboard?



I did not remove the channel. I’m a verified publisher but I can’t upload the verification file to my website’s directory.


Hi @sunsetnice

Could you please private message me your email address associated with your publishers account for additional troubleshooting? Just click on my picture and then on the ‘Message’ button to open a private message with me.


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