Referral link direct download?

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So in terms of using the referral link there’s 2 ways to do it, either via the generated referral link in the Publishers portal or you could use the direct download link which is

My question is if both options will record download and installs the same way? As I’ve notice the installs and downloads dropped since I used the 2nd referral link.

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little bump? I’m expecting I know the answer cause I can’t seen any downloads come in at the moment. Or it has something to do with the dashboard

Hi @obrndk - both work and will record your associated downloads. The profile page is a more friendly / engaging way to encourage the download, that’s my guess as to why its performing stronger.

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ok thanks @steeven for confirming. Could it be that it just didn’t upate too well during switch of month? 1st of Jan I got 0 downloads and 0 installs while the days before i got at least 10

Some time ago I discussed with @Asad in PM and he sayed what is not recomended to use direct download link, becuase this can flag account for suspicious activity and is strogly advised to use link to I correct understand what now we can use direct download link without fear to be flagged or account suspensions?

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