Referral Bonus Bug

Yesterday it showed like the first 2 pictures.But now it is showing 0 in all groups for October & December months & i haven’t got any BAT.
Wouldn’t I get reffer bonus???
Pls help me.

Hi @Lutfunnesa, there was a display bug for the Grouping section shown on the bottom. Your confirmations are being counted correctly and are reflected on the top.

I think you are mistaken 0 is showing in all groups now.

This is probably just happening as part of the payout process that we just kicked off. You should get paid out as per usual – let us know if you don’t get paid!

Does this mean i will get October 6+November 1=total 7 reffer bonus in December 8th???

Please see my screenshot and clear my problem.

Me too, my 20BAT is lost. I dont know were it goes?