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Hi, I’ve been reading the FAQs and tried to find an specific answer that asks my doubt, but since I couldn’t find it so I’ve decided to ask it in here.

I’m plaining on verifing my Twitter account as a creator of content to try to get my friends and family to use Brave since it has worked very well for me, I’m also trying to get my girlfriend to use it but since we live together and we use the same internet connection, is it okay if I share my refer code with her?

Also, I am currently using Brave on my laptop but plaining on installing it on the rest of my devices (mobile, desktop), is it okay if I use my own refer code on my other devices?

Does any of these somehow violates the refer program policy?

And btw, is there like a “minimum” of refers that I need to have to use the program? I don’t know how many of my friends will listen to me on using it, but at least I wanna try.


If it has worked well before then I would suggest you not to use your own referral code on your other devices, instead link your Uphold account to all of your devices. You can link a maximum of 4 browser with one Uphold account.
And as far as I know, using refer codes on your own devices does not violate any policy according to my knowledge.

Yes, it’s okay.

No, there isn’t.

Well, you have a Twitter account. Post your referral link in there and see what happens.
Good luck.

Thanks for your time!

So I already verified my account but I also linked another account that I do not want to use with Brave Rewards, it automatically created an Uphold card for it, I remove the account from Brave but the Uphold card is still there.

I have three cards from Brave, Browser (I guess I can fund my brave wallet from it am I right?) Rewards (thats where they deposit my rewards BATs on Uphold I’m guessing?) and Rewards from my Twitter account (same as Rewards, but the BATs I get from refferring?)

How do I delete the another Reward card from that account I removed?

Can I have a problem from it? My reffers BATs will get into my twitter account card? I’m afraid that I’ll have a problem claiming the BATs because of it.

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