Reduced BAT Reward For Ads

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My reward for viewing ads has dropped from 0.020 or 0.025 bat to 0.001 bat since the completion of the January rewards

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Windows 10

Brave 1.48.158 Chromium: 110.0.5481.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The Issue is the same on a Linux machine.

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March 2022

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It’s because the price of Ads is not constant it’s always changing.

So the price of ads changed x20 overnight? Yeah right! :smile:

@zbwan Either you haven’t been paying attention or you and the 5+ other people who are posting to complain are just trolls. Brave’s ads have always had a variation of prices, with Brave’s ads paying the least just because they were there to provide extra to us and make us more aware of their own features. Highest paying has always been from other companies advertising.

What was shared by SmartyAadi was a post from 2021. So when you’re claiming “changed overnight” it just shows you’re not even reading what people said.

Ads pay as little as 0.001 and as much as about 0.05. It’s also been visible to check at to see what ads are in your region and how much each individual ad pays.

Demonstrably false. The Solana ads were giving 0.020bat to 0.025bat 2 days ago. Now it’s 0.001 or 0.002. You don’t think that odd at all?
Also I don’t need to be insulted when I ask a question. If you can’t resist the urge to be nasty I suggest you reevaluate your role here.

True, you mean. Like I said, whether you look here or in the information shared from years ago, each ad campaign pays differently.

If you see current campaign, that began on the 8th. So let’s say you’re right, then it’s a different campaign. You still have other ads paying more as well.

Nope, it’s worked this way for years. We just have moments where someone baits people and then suddenly we see an influx of topics/posts appear because people didn’t pay attention. Then the trolls join in and start arguing instead of just hearing people out and realizing they just lacked information.

It’s not an insult. It’s saying your accusation is incorrect and therefore you either lacked understanding or have come here to cause arguments. Regardless of which reason, it doesn’t change the fact of how things work or have worked for years.

I’m just a normal person who takes time to answer questions. So what “role” would you like to speak of? And as a normal human being, I get frustrated when people make claims with no proof. Especially when I know the claims are false.

Trust me, nothing being said or done is nasty. I’d show you nasty, but then I’d get in trouble. Speaking facts and calling people out on BS is not being nasty…just saying.

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As I said. If you’re frustrated with people who ask questions (even the same ones) support is probably not for you, however voluntary.

Solution was posted.