Redirecting the question

Is it possible to redirect the query to another search engine in the address bar, as can be done in DuckDuckGo?

For example, “something !g” sends a query to google but remains anonymous and displays the results from google. “!b” for Bing. And a few more.

This is a very convenient feature.

You can use bangs in Brave Search.


Note that using bangs is simply a faster way to search something using a different search engine, bangs don’t protect your privacy from the different search engine. Said in other words, using !g something in Brave Search will redirect the search query to Google, and from then on your privacy protection depends on Google rather than Brave Search.

@Mattches do I remember correctly that a documentation is in the works?

You are correct – should be up and available soon :+1:

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Thanks for the answer. This is a useful option, the DDG already has over 13,000 bangs, you can submit yours (but that’s by the way). The most important thing is that you can submit your query to another search engine. This is useful because the DDG also do not always know everything. Good to have more options.

Unfortunately, yesterday I read that BSB limits the number of results to twenty, and for me this is too little. I’m used to freely search the Internet, without limit. It would be very inconvenient.

I will become interested in this search engine again when the restriction disappears. For now, I give up use.