Redesigning brave, new Feature user testing

Hi Brave Community, builders and contributor​:blush::yellow_heart:!!, I am looking for participants in a quick Usability test for prototype I’m working on.:nerd_face:

I’m redesigning Brave Browser for functions that focus on efficiency , based on my research till now find out most of Brave users care about efficiency, organizing and empowerment, and the solution i designed for this prototype is also based on User Survey results of brave users , the test will not take longer than 5 min. .

after testing and finalize my research documents i will give my proposal and findings to community , design team, and stakeholders of BRAVE.

you can participate by the MAZE link below, also would be happy to receive feedback about the prototype it self, your Feedback are very valuable .

Notes :

(please read the task and scenario before starting)

(its desktop test not Smart Phone)


Best wishes

Hadi Maleh

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