Reddit not loading when using Brave (works for chrome firefox etc)


Hi there,
If I go to browse reddit, using Brave, I get the “Sorry, we have failed you. Try refreshing!”, over and over. Page wont load.At all.

This started happening very recently in the past few days. Before this last few days it worked good.

If I use Chrome its fine and loads.
If I use firefox it loads OK and works
If I use Brave it does not work/not load page.



@slugkat Not at all? Just ? Works for me, with Shields up, I can even go to old reddit from there and it still works, still with Shields up. Trying to log in (using old reddit)… works. Hmmm…


Hi @slugkat,
Can you provide more info like your Brave version (from about:brave), your OS and steps to reproduce?

cc @Mattches for additional help.

P.S. It works for me using Private tabs with Tor. Can’t test it with normal tab because reddit is blocked in my country. :sweat_smile:


I am also able to view both old and new Reddit with Shields up. As @eljuno said, we’ll need some additional information in order to diagnose your issue.
Although I don’t think this is the case, can you check to see if Strict Site Isolation is enabled/disabled? You can find it by going to Settings --> Security --> SSI)?


I have been using BRAVE browser since last 4 months. I would admit that I was also using IE, Chrome and Mozilla parallelly just to evaluate BRAVE browser, to see which browser is smooth and flawless. Initially Brave had some issues but with the newer versions, almost all issues got fixed. And after using all the browsers for 4 months everyday, I can conclude today that Brave stands out and ranks 1st in my list. And this is why I have ranked Brave 1st in my list:

  1. in terms of security: http to https (so I don’t need to worry while making credit card payments or buying something, because Brave takes care of https)

  2. blocks scripts, trackers and ads, and that’s why the sites don’t get stuck n freezed while browsing. I have had many incidents with IE, Chrome and Mozilla, where the sites like forbes, cnn, slickdeals and would get stuck n freeze for no fucking reason and it shows that site is not responding. I never had this issue on Brave. This is because Brave blocks scripts, ads and trackers. It gives you smooth browsing experience.

  3. And the dashboard where it shows how many ads, trackers and scripts were blocked is awesome.

  4. This shouldn’t be here but still including: the best browser for watching porn - if you watch porn on Mozilla, chrome or IE, you will see infinite popup windows, several trackers and ads, infinite backlinks and scripts that would screw your browser and might inject some virus but Brave blocks almost everything except the main content lol… very smooth experience on Brave.

I am not even considering BAT payment at this point of time. Once Brave rolls out BAT ads, we can earn something in BAT and contribute to the publishers, youtubers and sites. This would be revolutionary.

This is what I conclude after 4 months of using BRAVE: Brave and BAT are game changers. It’s just a matter of time for people to realize how much potential this project has.