Reddit Enhancement Suite please?


I’ve read the Brave guidelines for requesting extensions and it seems the currently highest voted by the community is the extension I’m writing about, Reddit Enhancement Suite (followed closely by 12VPN and uBlock Origin).

I am unable to “upvote” this and add to the current number of 369 community members who really want this extension. I get that priorities for a developer are usually not focused on trivial browser extensions that enhance the experience, but a whole lot of us want this. Please put it on the agenda as a low priority?

I don’t know another way to contribute my voice on this as a community member and Brave user other than posting here. Delete if you must, but please pass it on the the Dev Team before you do?


Thanks for putting another request @Frogstar :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the team will add more extension support soon, but as a note, brave-core will have full extension API support that will make it easier for the team to add more extensions support. More about brave-core aka Brave 1.0