Red highlighting

Why do I have red highlighting in Brave browser? It just started today. Very annoying.


Is it a spell-check thing maybe?

Jim, Thanks for your response. This is on my PC, with no spell check turned on. Only appeared after latest update. Here’s some screen shots. Thanks, Tom

Here’s another

Oh ok, thanks, not at all what I had pictured. Sorry, no clue – but does this happen in a Private window as well, and do you use any extensions (maybe try disabling them if so)?

Could also try creating a new profile and see if it happens there.

It happens while signed in to Facebook, Ebay, Gun Broker, even when signed in to my online banking.

Jim, I removed all the most recent extensions. No change.
Thx, Tom

What about the other ideas?

Also keep in mind extensions auto-update themselves and could introduce their own bugs or compatibility issues that weren’t there before. I would try the other things as well to help us narrow it down.

I “created a new profile”, and it fixed it temporarily. So I uninstalled/reinstalled Brave browser. Seems to be working OK now. Thx, Tom

Please let us know if the issue presents itself again – want to make sure something as egregious as that gets addressed if it’s an issue on our end.

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