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This only happens on a few of my dozens of bookmarks: For these specific few bookmarks, I cannot delete or edit them. When I pull up the dialogue box to edit or delete one of these bookmarks and I do the desired action, the action doesn’t happen, and instead the bookmark copies itself or doesn’t delete.
Example: I have a PDF bookmarked on my bookmarks-bar (not in a folder) and when I click “edit bookmark” and try to change the location or name, this bookmark is copied twice, one copy staying on the bar next to the original, and the other copy moving to the folder I wanted to move it too (dragging the bookmark to the folder doesn’t work either). If instead I open the dialogue box to delete the bookmark and hit the “remove” button or “delete bookmark” option (from right clicking on it), it will not go away.


The last several times I have opened Brave (Windows 10), two things happen:

Thing 1: several different PDF’s within different subfolders make a copy of themselves, and the copies move up to my main bookmarks-bar.

Thing 2: All the subfolders within one of my main folders make empty copies of themselves that lie within the main folder. EXAMPLE: on startup, the subfolder “Math” within the folder “Learning” makes a copy of itself within the “Learning” bookmark. So now there are two “Math” folders within the “Learning” folder.

Thanks! Let me know if more information is needed!


Hi @samgrassi

For Bookmark Problem 1, do any of the bookmarks you’re trying to delete have ‘chrome-extension://’ in them? If so, we have a known issue for this which can be followed here:

For Bookmark Problem 2, Could you please see if you are still getting duplicated folders? If so, please provide additional information such as the version of Brave you are using and if you have sync enabled? Any steps to reproduce would be helpful as I am not seeing this myself.


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